Repair or purchase of pallets?

With license number BG-306, issued by the European Pallet Association, we are certified to repair EPAL pallets, according to all established standards.


Repair or purchase of pallets?

We can offer you permanent repair and maintenance of your EPAL pallets.

We collect damaged and broken pallets from customers and repair them at our premises. The pallets repaired by us meet absolutely all EPAL construction and durability requirements, using only high-quality and EPAL-approved elements and fasteners for repair, guaranteeing high durability and resistance of your wooden packaging.

This will give you longer use of the EPAL pallets you have, without having to buy others.

As the primary storage packaging, extending the life of wooden pallets will save you replacement costs. If you just need to replace boards or a log, the repair cost is much lower than buying a new pallet.

Refurbishing pallets also directly affects the environment, because by extending the life of the pallet, it means that we are not cutting down trees to make new ones.

Remember, you don’t have to do the pallet repair yourself. Forest Consult & Co offers a consistent service, so you can save a lot of money and time. By choosing the repair and maintenance service, you will be sure that your EPAL pallets will be repaired in accordance with EPAL guidelines and you will have no problem delivering the products to your customers.