Announcement of the company "Forest Consult and Co" OOD


to interested parties and the public
On the basis of Article 4, paragraph 1 of the Ordinance on the conditions and procedure for carrying out environmental impact assessment (EIA Ordinance, SG No. 25/2003, amended and supplemented)


Kostinbrod Municipality, Petarch village, Opitsvetski Path street #1

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to the affected population that there is an investment proposal for:

“Recycling of wooden packaging material (WOOD) in an existing production base for wood packaging, located in the Municipality of Kostinbrod, Petarch village, Opitsvetski Path Street No. 1, PI No. 56215.68.32”

“Forest Consult and Co” Ltd. was established in 2005 with the main activity of production, repair and supply of wooden packaging material (DOM). The company offers a full range of pallets, euro pallets, box pallets, wooden crates and industrial racks, as well as non-standard wooden packaging.

With this investment proposal, the company intends to include in the production process wooden packaging material classified as waste with code 15 01 03 (wooden packaging), according to Ordinance No. 2 on waste classification. In general, these are damaged wooden pallets subject to repair or disassembly for parts, whose owners have scrapped them and classified them as waste. The activities that the company intends to carry out with this waste do not differ in any way from the usual repair activity, which is carried out by occupation with the turnover pallets of the customers.

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Contacts: Dobromir Ivanov, Kostinbrod Municipality, PK 2234, Petarch village, Opitsvetski Path Street #1, phone (+359) 899104114

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